VH Series – with Conveyor


  • Suitable for finer filtration. Paper consumtion drops by 80%.
  • Can be used with disposable and back-washable media.
  • Filtration capacity : 50 l/min to 6000 l/min ( 1600 gpm )
  • Totally automatic operation.
  • Compact Design.
  • Can be customised to suit your requirement.
  • Standard sized modules are mentioned in attached PDF catalogue.


A perforated top vacuum chamber is placed at the bottom of dirty coolant tank. Machine outlet lets dirty coolant in this tank. A pump sucks coolant through filter paper laid on top of vacuum chamber, leaving dirt on filter paper. Pump suction generates vacuum increasing dirt layer thickness & hence finer filtration.

After preset level of vacuum is reached, it is broken temporarily by opening actuated bypass valve.

Part of dirt-laden filter paper is pulled out to be replaced by fresh filter paper. Dirt is dumped in a bin while dirty filter paper is wound on a shaft.