Tecumseh Ballabgarh


Tecumseh is one of the foremost manufacturer of Hermatically sealed compressor. The plant in Ballabgarh has a large cast iron machining and grinding facility.

Veeraja provided a centralised system to cater to 6000 LPM of water based emulsion from machining centers and grinding machines.

  • Coolant from machines drops in ‘U’ bottom fabricated gutters placed in civil trenches.
  • Chutes carry the coolant to the system placed inside a pit outside the shop floor area.
  • Dirty fluid first falls in a Scraper conveyour.
  • Heavy machining dirt settels in the bottom and is scrapped to deliver in bin placed on ground level.
  • Semi clean fluid passes over magnetic seperators are positioned on the walls and falls in Vacuum filter.
  • Mesh type Vacuum filter with a filtration area of 14 sqm filters the 6000 LPM fluid.
  • VFD controlled pumps supply the fluid back to machines.