Tata Tin Plate

Veeraja supplied roll coolant filtration system through CMI-FPE to Tata Tin plate Jamsedpur. The 8500 lpm system schematic consists of following:

  • 1,10,000 lits of resorvoir tank consisting of dirty and clean compartment
  • Dirty fluid from mill pan comes to intake strainer and passes over candle type magnetic seperator to COT
  • The tank is mounted with agitators and skimmers.
  • 2 pumps ( 1 working + 1 standby ) of 8500 LPM @ 90 mts are used to deliver the fluid. Suction strainer are used to avoid damages to pump. Vacuum switch is also used to check for pump cavitation. Pump motors are suitable for VFD.
  • A wedge wire screen self cleaning filter of 9000 LPM capacity filters the fluid to 200 micron. A compact band filter is used for fluid recovery from sludge expelled by self cleaning filter.
  • The heat exchanger skid has a bypass arrangement for collant and water lines.
  • Pressure control valve and Temperature control valves with PID loop are provided.
  • Coolant heating bypass arrangement passes steam from a pressure reducing station through a heat exchanger.
  • Seperate tanks for Barrel heating and coolant preparation are also provided.
  • A valve stand of globe valves supplies coolant to ETR and DTR lines.

Veeraja catered to the complete design, manufacture and installation commisioning of project at site.