BOSCH – Nasik

BOSCH Nasik is manufacturer of Diesel Injector nozzles. Their CRI (Common Rail Injection) nozzles are commonly used in all latest automobiles.

Lapped components are washed to remove all lapping dirt. Lapping dirt is very fine and traditional filtration methods consume lot of filter media.

The backwashble candle filter was developed in 2003 after regular discussions with technocrats from BOSCH Nasik.

After evaluating the systems following was concluded:

  • Filtration clarity improved drastically.
  • Oil not been replaced since commissioning of first system.
  • Tanks not cleaned since commissioning of first system.
  • Media consumption dropped by 100%
  • Maintenance reduced on pumps, machine slides and coolant nozzles
  • Reduced break-downs.
  • Improved Tool life as the wheel dressing frequency reduced.

From 2003 to 2009 following centralized system have been commissioned

  • 150 LPM for Lapping paste removal from washing machine using MTO – pilot project
  • 500 LPM in 2004
  • 750 LPM in 2005
  • 300 LPM and 450 LPM in 2006
  • 1100 LPM in 2007
  • 1500 LPM in 2009

Main feature of the systems are as follows:

  • Fluid is pumped from machine to dirty tank.
  • Dirty fluid is then pumped through backwashable candle filters.
  • This prject was the intial break through for developement of these filters.