In a Centralized Filtration System the dirty fluid from the machines has to transfer to the system.

The transfer can done in various ways :

  1. Underground gutters : U shaped gutters are placed along the machine below the shop floor level. Dirty fluid from the machine drops in these gutters. These gutters are inclined to give a gradient towards the centralized filtration system. Inclination is calculated based on the dirt coming from the machine.
  2. Transfer Tanks : Tanks with pumps and electrical control panel are placed near machines. Dirty fluid from machine drops in these tanks. The pumps transfer the dirty fluid into overhead dirty fluid return piping. The pump is tuned ON/OFF with help of the panel.
  3. Overhead Piping : Dirty fluid from transfer tank is pumped into overhead pipes. The piping is sized and positioned to facilitate the easy flow of dirty fluid. Pulse Jet system can be used to reduce the piping size by generating the required flow velocity.