‘Vee-Raja’ in Sanskrit means without dirt.

Recognized in the industry as the total solution provider for coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management, Veeraja has been able to successfully attain a unique position in the design, manufacture,installation and commissioning of hundreds of systems.


is professionally managed family owned enterprise. Started in 2000 as the brain child of designer Prasad Mate, Veeraja grew from being a small system manufacturer to a reputed supplier of coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management systems .

With year on year growth of more than 20% we have achieved a turnover of 5,00,00,000.00 INR!
This was only possible with our pillars of strength.


Qualified engineers use 3D design software to put ideas on to paper. International design norms and years of experience are put behind each project to suit your requirements.


With in-house manufacturing facilities, we are able achieve the stringent quality norms and tight delivery schedules


Time is money and so our specialized dedicated teams adhere to your norms to get the unit up and running.


Discuss: and understand your complete requirement.

Design: a customized solution for your unique needs considering all parameters like quality, space, and cost.

Deliver: the complete solution on-time while adhering to all your quality norms.


To provide customized end to end solutions in coolant filtration, chip removal and coolant management.


Successful installations in variety of industries like Automobiles, Bearing, Rolling Mills, and Compressor. And most importantly Happy satisfied Customers

Veeraja Company Profile